Merry Christmas

I can’t thank you guys enough for another amazing year! I can’t grow and do what I love without the support from all of you. This industry is a fast pace ride and very competitive from the eye of the beholder so making it through another year makes my heart happy. Looking back at all the amazing lives I have been able to meet and share life with is something else.

This year I got the honor of photographing beautiful strong women bringing life into this world, I was asked to fly to Juneau and capture a wedding, I opened a studio space with an amazing lady that opens my eyes every single day and I hung my first pieces of Art in an office space. In 2008 when I started this journey I didn’t have big dreams, what I had was a passion to capture my kids, my family growing old together and remembering what life is about in the now. When I get to help others remember life, Motherhood, the way Dad smiles, how messy happens and its still beautiful, this is my purpose. This is my dream. Another year of life remembered, another year of growth made.

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Photo Credit: My Amazing shutter pusher, Mom.

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