A Day in the Life: Good Morning Baby

I’m sitting here rewriting this blog probably for the third time. Nope to much thought into that one, Nope to dry and my kids are playing, ok yelling nicely in the background while my mind is frazzled. Here goes!

I spent my Birthday morning with family and I got to be present in their ordinary day. It was perfect. Baby Leah woke up so happy to see her Grandpa looking at her sweet face. Mommy had a nice morning bath together, and the dogs sat outside the screen door looking in.

Who knew a bath would be this little ladies highlight to her morning! Grandma & Grandpa made breakfast while Mommy & Daddy dressed baby Leah for the day. Its the everyday life that should be remembered, its the way a bath lights up her eyes, the way family gathers in our homes, its natural. Its love thats remembered.

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