Boudoir || Alaska Style

Ohhhhhh my, oh my! Does she just OWN her beauty or what?!?! Over the past year or so I have found my personal growth by taking a step out of the comfort zone by doing a shoot for the soul purpose of play & trying new things. I have done this with a couple Maternity sessions you can find Here & Here.  Believe it or not I can get board with Photography. This is not saying I am not enjoying my sessions with each one of you this is simply saying creativity can start to lack when my variety is the same. When I feel my creativity slowly slipping away I know its time to challenge myself and I am always happy I did! Last month I started to think of my next challenge. Things got busy, I was out of town and all the sudden Fall arrived. Should I do it now or wait till next year? Well here in Alaska I find it takes a lot more then rain and cold weather to put a damper on your plans and surprisingly the water wasn’t that bad! I couldn’t have had a better friend to help me out with this shoot. I mean come on if I just had a little bit of that confidence! Dang Girl you Hott!  Until my next challenge, enjoy!










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