Eleanor Kate | Birth Day

Its was quiet, they sat there looking at each other knowing in just a few more hours they would be holding her. The first girl to their family of boys.

Coming and going every eight minutes now & holding tight to his hand. The hand you used to hold at the movies, when you said “I Do” and full of excitement walking down the isle as His forever.

The same hand that you held bringing new life into this world three times before. He helps hold your strength knowing how strong you truly are.

Deep breaths, nothing else is in focus. Is it over? One minute of rest and it comes rolling back.

She is here.

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Stephanie, These photos are amazing and we are so thankful to you for capturing one of the most intimate and blessed moments in our life. We felt so comfortable with you being in the room with us while I labored and delivered our sweet baby girl. We will forever cherish these photos. I absolutely love how your photos tell Eleanor Kate’s birth story and how they capture all the emotions felt that day! Love, Kelley & Ryan

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In photography there is always something you haven’t done before, something that pushes the comfort zone for you to grow. I have been waiting for this opportunity for some time now. I had no idea going into this experience what I would gain, learn or even know just how truly blessed it would be.  I am used to photographing smiles, laughter and always talking to keep the attention alive, not this time. I was quiet, still at some points just capturing the amazing strength of a Husband & Wife. There was some tears as that was me just one year ago so you could say it was a little close to home.  I was intrigued by the rawness of life in this moment. No cares just love, pure intimate love that is so sacred between two people it doesn’t need to be shared with the world.

I thank you Kelley and Ryan for inviting me into your most exciting and vulnerable part of life while trusting me to capture who you truly are. Let me tell you, you two are pretty amazing!

Welcome Baby Eleanor Kate!


  • Donna Campbell - These photos are truly amazing! As I sit in the parking lot of the hospital, leaving my daughter that gave birth just today, tears roll down my cheeks. Knowing how special childbirth is, I applaud you both, and your truly amazing husbands. Thank you Kelley for sharing these, and thank you Stephanie Brissett for capturing their story. They are wonderful!ReplyCancel

    • stephaniebphotography@live.com - Thank you so much Donna. I am excited for your new Grand Baby! These days are worth crying for! Congratulations!ReplyCancel

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