Happy Birthday Oakley

I started off with three set ideas, yes you read that right, three!  Who knew having a little girl of your very own was SO much fun! Meet little Oakley. I can’t believe she is ONE. Where did this last year go? Why were the baby snuggles so short, the newborn smell gone, the bouncer, baby toys and swaddles all given away. Did it happen? Did I miss it?

This girl has blessed my heart, my soul, my being beyond belief. You always think of the saying “God only gives you what you can handle” usually when the circumstances aren’t ideal but no, not this time. He gave me what I could handle in the best life. This life. She has the sweetest snuggles, the funny little laugh and in there, deep in there she has a tiny little soul that was created from Heaven at just the right time. So, here we are one year down, one long blessed journey to go.

Happy Birthday Oakley, I can’t hold you enough each night and thank God for you. You complete our family just perfectly!

Cake1 IMG_9609

IMG_9562 Cake2 IMG_9585

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