Valentines Boudoir

I am often asked if its uncomfortable for me to shoot Boudoir sessions. “Are you embarrassed?” “Is that awkward?”  It has never crossed my mind. So, I sat with it and wanted a good answer. Not just any answer but one that explained me, truly me.

My mind is focused on the light, posing, mood. Whats next, are they comfortable…

The plane simple answer is No. My true honest answer… When I have women, Strong, Brave, Beautiful Women come to a Boudoir Session they are not just sitting in the chair posing, they my friend are true to themselves and are allowing me into that small part that may even be hard for them to get there. I see someone I admire. I could shoot Boudoir for the rest of my life and never feel embarrassed or awkward. What I couldn’t do is sit in a room with a fully clothed person who can’t give me a good conversation because they are to busy holding up their own walls out of fear of who they truly are. Like I said, I could shoot Boudoir Sessions for the rest of my life. Lets be raw & real even if its just for a moment.


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