Maternity Milk Bath

These little gems. I set out to do a personal project. I saw this done and wanted to give it a whirl. I found my beautiful model, set up the studio (aka my living room) and put my vision together. I was discouraged at first. Was it looking like I visioned in my head? Why did the water have a layer of foam! Is my living room going to become a pool?

When you capture something great there is an anxiety to share. Social media vomit! Not this time. This time I held onto these. They are precious, they are beautiful and I wanted to embrace that for me, for this beautiful Mother to be. I wanted to soak up my vision, my growth and be happy truly happy with my work, personally not publicly.  I have found a new love for the inner beauty of a mother holding her unborn child. This has made my soul, my heart, my “job” as a photographer bloom.

IMG_1421 Untitled-2 IMG_1496


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