Elope Alaska

Sometime we call it fate, I call it God. We image how life will look like, who we will spend it with and dream about what our forever looks like. Then just like that it can disappear.

Just like any other day Rob and his wife took out their motorcycle and headed down the road. Just like every other time they expected to be home that night. One second, one thought, one blink. Rob and his wife were hit by a drunk driver that sealed their vows of “Till death do us part”.  Undergoing nine different surgeries and a recovery time of six months Rob packed up his camper with mans best friend and hit the road.

Joan, one of the sweetest people I have met, married her High school sweet heart three years after graduation. Living life together for 32 years you get to know someone. I mean really know someone, so we think. One day Joan went from Mrs. to Miss. His heart wandered leaving hers to heal.

Where do two souls go from here? Where does your heart start over, how does it start over?

“After reading his profile a hundred times and a ton of praying I woke up one morning to a very clear voice telling me to break the ice. So I did. We started with conversation, then texting which lead to dinner. Our dinner lasted about an hour then we walked along the shore of Lake Superior for another three hours. We have been pretty much inseparable ever since.”

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I have never met complete strangers that mad me feel like we have know each other for years. This day, there love, unforgettable. Its amazing to see the tragically beautiful lives God has brought together for a new chapter. Congratulations Rob & Joan. I hope we meet again in this life.

  • Joan Childs - This is so beautiful Stephanie. Thank you so much for sharing our and day and making it beautiful. We promise you will definitely see us again. JoanReplyCancel

    • stephaniebphotography@live.com - Thank you for sharing it with me! I look forward to it!ReplyCancel

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