Alaska Bound

Wow, let me dust off these keys and get to blogging already! What a summer. This sun has been bright, crazy bright. My porch door has been open so much the deck is just another room to our house and I have to say I kind of love it. My Son wants to be outside ALL THE TIME “mowing the lawn” with his bubble machine lawn mower, over and over and over…. So, do I really need to explain why I am behind on posting lately?

Every year this family takes a trip, hires a photographer and captures their location while getting an image to be hung on their mantel at home until the next adventure the fallowing year. How cool is that?! Traveling all the way from Las Vegas this family came by cruise ship and brought the heat with them. Our waters have been a tropical blue, our temperatures were in the high 80’s and we are sweating! Lot of laughs, exploring and even going a little too deep into the ocean happened. It was refreshing. I hope to make it back to Las Vegas one day, but maybe when it’s their winter!

IMG_8005 IMG_7997 IMG_8052 IMG_8182 Untitled-1 IMG_8200-2 IMG_7956 IMG_8237 IMG_8249 Untitled-2 IMG_8299

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