Hello Baby Judah

You think about what their little face will look like, the touch of their soft skin & the moment you look at your little one for the first time after months of wonder. While holding little Judah on her chest for the first time waiting for those little cries the room became silent. Judah was blue. Within seconds the nurses cut the cord and baby Judah was taken to start recitation. The Code Blue alarm sounded and the room was flooded with medical staff. Time stood still…

God wasn’t done with this one, he needed a few more minutes to love on baby Judah until they meet again.

Meet healthy sweet baby Judah! Born June 6th to the most deserving parents! This cutie was awake for our session and snuggled right up to his Mommy. Dad’s snuggles were a little more prickly!

Welcome to your family baby Boy.

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Hello Baby Session

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