Hello Baby Ya’el

I arrived as there was just the three of them. The room was peaceful and a little precious baby girl was snuggled on her Mothers lap.

Grandma arrived shortly after who had the honor of naming her granddaughter from this family. She looked at her beautiful baby girl and new right away what to call her,

Ya’el Ariel Ruth

The door was opened and three excited older siblings came in to the room to meet their new little sister. “Mommy can we keep her?” “Yes, we can keep her.”

The family of 5 was now 6, the kids were overjoyed and the Mother had so much Love in her eyes for her new family.

Congratulations Harney Family, This meant more to me then you know. This is why I started photography, its not a job its a relationship so thank you.

Hbaby1 hbaby2

Hbaby6 hbaby4




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