A Day in the Life: Family Tradition

Ketchikan King Salmon Derby Opening Weekend:

30 Hours on the boat, 4 fishing poles, 3 fish & TONS of food!! That’s two King Salmon Derby’s for Bryson, Four for Brian & Thirty for me. As for my Parents…. Ancient HA!  We saw Killer Whales, Humpback Whales, Sea lions, we had some nice weather and some “I should have stayed in bed” weather.

Bryson loves his Papa’s Boat! He wants to drive it, he thinks munching all day on snacks is amazing and water in a bucket with toys to play in pretty much changes his life! When we get a fish on and everyone jumps he isn’t quite sure whats happening and then the water works start up. Its kind of a mini circus but thats how our life is. Some rides are fun and some you wish you had never went on.

Here’s to passing down another Family Tradition!

P.S. Picture DUMP!

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A Day in The Life, Of My Family

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