Annette + One

I am a first time Mom.  A Mom that understands being on time now-a-days is hoping you make it there within the hour. Showers are sacred and enjoying a meal in peace may have you eating it in your closet! I remember being pregnant and the last few weeks was an evil version of Groundhog Day over & over & over… I can relate to you when I say, “I didn’t want to get out of bed, brush my hair, put on make up OR even get my pictures taken the last few weeks of pregnancy.” So, when I have my beautiful Mothers getting their Maternity pictures taken I am so excited to share this time with them because One: I know how hard it was for them to get to this point and Two: You are more beautiful then you feel and will cherish these images & time for the rest of your life. I can say looking back in 5 years you won’t be sad you took the time to brush your hair, put on make up and give me a little smile.

A house full of girls in a few weeks for this beautiful Mommy. Little Vada is going to be a big sister!  Thanks Annette for letting me capture these moments for you!


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