I totally get it!

A couple weeks ago I meet up with Washington Photographer Mandy Chiappini over a cup of coffee in Downtown Renton. I have known Mandy “cyberly” (is that a word?) for about a year fallowing her through her Photography and her personal Blog. Finally meeting up we made time to swap some head shots. I have to tell you guys I TOTALLY GET IT!  I was so nervous, giddy and not quite sure what to do. Where do I put my hands? Do I stand facing my left or right? Yuck my hair just blew into my mouth, Wait are you taking pictures now? or now? AHHHH!!

It was a great experience for me to understand the other side of the lens. Its very easy for me to think up what I would like my images to look like and how I have you pose for them but actually being the one getting images taken of then taking them is two totally different story’s.  I am so glad I did this because it helps me understand how you feel when your getting your images taken and I can relate so much better with you. Don’t laugh, here are few of my head shot for you to check out.

profile1 profile3 IMG_4845 profile2 IMG_4817 IMG_4755 IMG_4760


  • Tory - It’s funny, I follow Mandi’s blog too when I was blogging a lot. I picked it up now that I’m staying home. Stephanie, I love your design on here and you’re really getting good with your photos!


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