Its a Small Town

While talking with an old friend the other night the subject came up about living in a small town, aka Island, and having options. Options that you may think can hurt feelings.

Before changing my career to a Stay at Home Mom & Photographer I worked at a Veterinary Clinic that just opened its doors for business. Being that it was the second EVER Veterinary Clinic in town everyone was excited to have another option. While new clients came in we would need their old pet recorded from their previous Veterinary Clinic. There was a sence of guilt or fear that I would get from them.  A good percentage of clients wanted us to get their records so they didn’t have to face their last Veterinary Clinic face to face.

Ok, So my point here is to look at the small town options and fear of hurting others feeling from a different perspective because that’s what photographers do. I am one of a TON of great photographers in town. I love what I do and trying to find my niche in this industrie is great. Every person who is a photographer has their own personality and style that should reflect in their images.  When I have a potential client or even a regular I hope they look through my images and want to work with me because we have some sort of similarities in style or they see something that they like and can relate to so we can “dance” in a way that makes both personalities come alive through the images.

I have had several past clients that I have seen get their portraits takes by another photographer in town and they were just a great. Now here is where I want to look at things differently. I, as a small business owner & Photographer, BUT most importantly a client just like you want the best price/quality/experience for myself and my family when it come to shopping for anything out there. So when I see images posted by other photographers of my past/present/potential clients I am happy, yes happy! Why? Because they found what they were looking for and what fit their needs. Like I said earlier each Photographer has their own style and personality so while I may be good with one scene another Photographer might be better at another.

Do you grocery shop at Safeway and then feel bad when you go to A&P?  I hope not.  Everything is about options and getting the best quality for your needs.

I hope this helps you looking at this subject in a different light.

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